GTT Audio & Video’s mission statement is “To offer hi-end audio and video components that make a huge performance impact while delivering value at its price point.” All of our products represent the hi-end market, there is no mid-fi sold at GTT. We do not want to be the biggest electronics dealer, just the most informative and honest. We do more than simply list product lines and sell boxes. We believe that a few exceptional products are better than a long list of mediocre components. We take on a consultative approach and that is why we schedule all demos by appointment only.  We want to get to know you, cater to your musical taste and give you our undivided attention. All demos are given with no pressure and no interruptions and in-home demos can be arranged on selected items.

We believe we offer the finest products available anywhere.  Where else can you go and hear products like Audionet, Vivid Audio, Kronos, Kii Audio, Mola Mola, Soulution, Tenor and True Life Audio, Vivid Audio and YG Acoustics under one roof?  And that is just to name a few.

We have been doing business since 1995 and have been into Audio on either the equipment or music side since 1978. We are located in rural New Jersey (yes there is such a thing) approximately 45 minutes from New York City and 1-½ hours from Philadelphia. Drop us a line and schedule your appointment today.