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Meet Laurence Dickie in a great interview by Doug Schneider of SoundStage!. Laurence is a SoundStage! icon.

Doug from Soundstage and Laurence discuss Tapered Tubes
Doug and Laurence discuss Trapping Bass
Laurence Dickie’s Radical Design
Vivid Audio’s O-Ring Secret
Vivid Audio on Better Bass
Soundstage interview with Laurence Dickie
Steve Guttenberg aka the audiophiliac talks about the Vivid Kaya S12

Michael Lavorgna’s fantastic review of the Vivid Audio GIYA G3 Series 2 speakers at ” some of clearest, most transparent sound I’ve had the pleasure of drinking in. I’m talking about clean powerful music as sound energy so fully resolved it was like listening directly through to the source. And by “source” I’m not talking about the recording—as if a recording is somehow a thing in itself that belies its human origins—I’m talking about the music being made sounding as fresh, vital and alive as music being made in all its guttural glory. Heavy.” REVIEW

Dean Waters at Vivid Audio reviews the Kaya 45 and Kaya 90 “Every detail, every nuance, everything the recording and mixing/mastering artists had in mind is easily revealed on the Kayas. And because each driver was designed in conjunction with the other drivers, the sound is extremely well balanced from one end of the frequency spectrum to the other.”

Vivid Audio G3s2 Review by Bill Wells at “I also listened to various recorded music, including instrumental, vocal, small, medium, and large-scale performances. In each instance – these wonderful loudspeakers brought home the goods and did not seem to leave anything behind.” REVIEW

Vivid Audio G4s2 “to my ears, an offering at the church of the art and music lover” Grover Neville, Editor and Co-Founder, Indulgr. INDULGR Editors’ Choice Award REVIEW

Soundstage Ultra’s Hans Wetzel’s fantastic review of the Vivid “Vivid Audio’s Giya G3 Series 2 is more than just a superlative loudspeaker. It’s a dream machine.” ” I can now say the Giya G3 Series 2 is my favorite.” Review

Stereo Times Bill Wells fabulous review on the Kaya K-90 “I can very confidently state that the Vivid Audio Kaya 90 speakers are highly musical, superbly refined, and, without question – one of the best-sounding pairs of speakers that I’ve had in my home over many decades of being involved in high-end audio.”

“I recommend the Vivid Kaya K45 to anyone looking to get as close to music as their time and attention allows with essentially no interference from the associated speaker. Nary even the slightest smudge. The Kaya K45’s combined strengths come together to honor the delicate powerful forces captured on record as convincingly as I’ve heard.” Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines REVIEW

“the Kaya (K-45) raised the bar of performance and award citation for not only speakers but all other equipment as well. No small task. And this speaks to the profound abilities of the Vivid Audio Kaya 45.” Kermit Heartsong, AUDIOKEY REVIEWS

Matt Clott – Enjoy the “They (KAYA K-25) gave me music; pure, clean, engaging, tear-jerking, toe-tapping, knee-slapping, get up and dance music.” REVIEW

GTT APPOINTED VIVID AUDIO Distributor for the US in January 2023

Road Tour: GTT Audio/Vivid Audio Speakers, Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines.

A wonderful conversation with Dr. David Robinson editor-in-chief of Positive Feedback about Vivid Audio.

Greg Weaver and Joe Kubala discuss VIvid Audio, Mola Mola Lupe and KS Cables
A Conversation with the Vivid Guys
GTT Launches Vivid Audio

A wonderful write-up on the big-rig featuring the Vivid Spirit with the highest praise by Dr. David Robinson Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback. 

Check it out here.
Photo also by Dr. David Robinson

John Darko does a two part review of the Vivid Kaya S12

Part 1
Part 2

Kaya Line – NEW

Vivid Audio

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