Kronos Audio

Kronos Audio quite simply makes the finest source available.  With today vinyl resurgence, Kronos is the king.  Now with the introduction of Sparta, Kronos is more available to a wider audience.

Kronos Discovery with D-SCPS

Greg Weaver and Maurice Jeffries on the Kronos Advantage

Greg Weaver and Dr. David Robinson on the Kronos Discovery

Kronos Audio Discovery RS Tonearm and Audio Journalism with Dr. David Robinson and Louis Desjardins

the audio analyst Kronos Discovery RS tonearm

Kronos Tonearm Launch in Montreal with The Audio Analyst

Peter and Terry from AV Showrooms for the Discovery RS Tonearm Launch

Kronos Discovery Launch with Louis Desjardins and Positive Feedback’s Dr. David Robinson and Maurice Jeffries

GTT Audio Channel – The Kronos Discovery

Kronos Discovery with the audio analyst

Kronos Discovery with Peter Breuninger

The latest Kronos Reviews

Kronos Sparta and SSCPS – Greg Weaver SSCPS

Positive Feedback – Marshall Nack SSCPS

Positive Feedback – Maurice Jeffries Sparta 0.5

Analog Fellowship – Complete Analog Solution

AV Showrooms Video Review-Pro Ltd

Absolute Sound Review-Sparta

Mono Stereo Review-Pro Ltd

Mono Stereo Review Pro With SCPS-1

Be sure to check out the Launch Events section too, all that was done with a Kronos Turntable.