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FALL 2017 Audionet Stern and Heisenberg Launch

They all agree!  Individual publications attended Audionet’s launch of the Stern and Heisenberg and without exception all believe this is the finest they have heard.  A new mountaintop, the bar has been raised, a new reference…the accolades flowed.  Be sure to read the comments below.

The system for the event included Audionet Stern, Heisenberg, Plank, Ampere, Kronos Pro with SCPS1, Kubala Sosna Realization cables and YG Acoustics Sonja XV speakers.  A STATEMENT SYSTEM without a doubt.

David Robinson (Positive Feedback)

Greg Weaver (The Absolute Sound)

Chris Martens (hifi+)

Clement Perry (Stereo)

Marshall Nack (Positive Feedback)

Peter Breuninger (AV Showrooms)

Fall 2016 YG Acoustics Sonja XV Launch

Rarely do reviewers agree, but we took at chance inviting 10 different journalist, each representing a different audio publication to have a listen to the YG Acoustics Sonja XV Statement loudspeaker system.  The front end of the system consisted of Audionet Electronics, Kronos Turntable and Kubala Sosna Cables.

All 10 agree that YG has significantly raised the bar in reproduced sound and ranks among the very best they have ever heard.  Read the results yourself below.

Paul Bolin (The Audio Beat)

Greg Weaver (The Absolute Sound) 

Chris Martens (HiFi+) 

Howard Kneller (SoundStage) 

Marshal Nack (Positive Feedback) 

David Robinson (Positive Feedback) 

Greg Voth (StereoTimes) 

Michael Lavorgna (  

Rick Becker (

Peter Breuninger (AV Showrooms)