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Manufacture of Apple TV X, Switch X and WiFi X

Apple TV X is a highly modded Apple TV 4K with noise sensing and elimination of the HDMI problems inherent in video sources making it the finest video source available. Absolutely nothing is done to the software or the functionality of the Apple TV. You still get updates and the interface remains the same.

Video AND Sound are off the charts good.

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Great video showing the Apple TV X base unit versus the “new” Apple TV. You can easily follow and see how Apple cheapened the product and hurt the performance. When Chris gets done with the base unit and it becomes a TV X it is in another world.

Chris Stephens shows the difference between the TV X base unit and the new Apple TV
Apple TVX – World Class Video Streaming w/ Dr. David Robinson
Apple TVX with The Audio Analyst

Apple TVX written review – Dr. David Robinson.

Switch X, Ultimate Network Switch for Audio/Video Streaming

Apple TVX