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Our official YouTube channel has launched, new videos released every two weeks.  Click on the Logo above.

Master Fidelity has released the new NADAC-D and NADAC-C. NADAC-D Revolutionary 1-bit technology, enhanced clocking and hybrid oven controlled power supply added to the best USB connection and MF Super Isolation Unit puts NADAC-D ahead of the game. NADAC-C offers an upgraded ultra-low-noise Master Clock to ensure perfect timing accuracy and lowest possible jitter for the most demanding audiophiles

Mola Mola releases Lupe – Lupe is Mola Mola’s stand alone phono stage offering both separate MM and MC stages along with 12 resistance loading options, 8 capacitance options, 10 different gain settings out to 87 db! Furthermore allows for 72 choices of EQ curves and has each label preset along with the standard RIAA curve and a selective subsonic filter. Truly an unprecedented amount of options including 4 separate inputs able to hook up 4 arms at one. Delivered at an extremely affordable price point with performance challenging competitors at multiple times its price.

Dejitter It now has Switch X – The most advanced futureproof and backward compatible audio/video switch on the market. Whether copper or fiber is your thing this switch can easily handle it. No IP Switch on the market can improve your audio or video streams better than Switch X. All ports on the dirty and clean side are dejittered and its linear power supply utilizes noise sensing and cancelling technology.

GRIMM MU1, The MU1 is the absolute finest performing Roon Core/End Point and Streamer you can buy. Simply the best thing you can put before your DAC.


Loudspeakers that look, and sound, unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Dynamic, very transparent.  Great huge soundstage.  Lots of 3 Dimensionality.  Plays all music well, no coloration.


GTT AUDIO APPOINTED NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR FOR TRUE LIFE AUDIO -TLA  – TLA out of Greece known for their exceptional tube equipment… Two levels of performance, Supreme and True Series. Preamps, Amps, Integrated. No better tube electronics on the plant.

 True Series Integrated.


Apple TV X – The finest source for video streaming. Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu etc… No other HDMI Video source comes close. 


Discovery RS

YG Acoustics Peak Series.

YG Summit

YG Tor