What’s New

Our official YouTube channel has launched, new videos released every two weeks.  Click on the Logo above.

Mola Mola has just announced the Kula fully integrated 1 box solution.  Kula can be ordered as a conventional integrated amplifier incorporating preamp, amp in the chassis or can be fully outfitted to include, preamp, amp, phono stage, dac (with Roon endpoint) to have single chassis solution.  Pricing ranges from $13,800-$25,000.

Be sure to watch the video below.

Audionet has just released the Ultimate Integrated amplifier; HUMBOLDT.  HUMBOLDT shares all the unsurpassed qualities of his brethren STERN and HEISENBERG, winners of the most coveted high end awards during the last three years.


Kronos Audio is now shipping it’s much anticipated SSCPS (Sparta Super Capacitor Power Supply).  Exclusively for those looking for the finest analog playback (outside of the Kronos Pro), Sparta now gets a major upgrade in performance with borrowed technology from the Kronos SCPS-1.  Read the press release here.

GTT Audio is proud to be chosen as the exclusive US Showroom for PMC’s Flagship Fenestria speaker.  This is truly something you must audition.  Start making your appointments now.

We figured we would bring some products in for pure fun and enjoyment.  Enter KLIPSCH.  Celebrating 73 years of pissing off the neighbors!  Super efficient and sounds great with any gear,  any genre of music, at any level.  Nothing will sound more concert like than Klipsch.  PURE ENJOYMENT!   LaScala AL5, Forte III, Hersey III and the latest Cornwall IV now on the floor.


There is no better way to enjoy digital music than through the ROON app and the brains behind it is the Roon Core.  Well Roon just took it another step forward and developed the Nucleus which is the best Roon Core you can use.  Give us a call and/or check it out here and then call us.  We will help you get the most out of your digital music collection.

Just released, YG Acoustics Hailey 2 Series.  Now, with the addition of YG Acoustics’ revolutionary Billet Dome tweeter and ViseCoil bass inductors, Hailey 2’s astonishing sonic performance can only be exceeded by the Sonja 2 and XV series.

Mola Mola Tambaqui shipping and turning the digital world upside down.  The sound quality from this dac is UNPRECEDENTED.  Supports PCM up to 384 and DSD256.  Nothing is more true to the original recording and untouched than the Mola Mola Tambaqui.  This is the epitome of the term, “true to the source”.

Auralic G2 and G1 Systems now shipping and taking digital streaming to a whole new level!!!

JL Audio Subwoofers are here!  There is no sub out there that can compete with JL Audio in terms of speed/integration and impact!

YG Acoustics Sonja 2 Series now at GTT Audio.   Head over to our Launch Events section to read all about the Sonja 2.2 from the experts that visited us and listened to the setup in the photo below.

Audionet Stern and Heisnenberg are now shipping.  Please check out the first review of these amazing products click German Review and go to the Launch Event section of our webpage to read more press.

Kubala Sosna has released 3 new lines in 2017 which are all shipping now.  Realization, Sensation and Temptation.
New for 2017 Audionet’s Plank, Ampere and Watt.  Plank/Ampere is a world reference for CD Playback and the Watt is an incredible Integrated Amplifier.