More Press

GTT has been recognized several times throughout the years in the audio press for expert setup, trade show room displays and the brands we represent.



Below are some articles / videos on reviewer visits to our showrooms in Long Valley, NJ

August 2007 – Steve Guttenberg of CNET came out for a listen read about it here.

July 2009 – Marshall & Lynn Nack of Positive Feedback visited for a couple of days, read about it here.

March 2012 – Stereo Times visits GTT Audio, see it here.

November 2013 – Joey Weiss of HP Soundings reports on a system he heard at our place, read about it here.

December 2013 – Clement Perry of Stereo Times came in for an audition of the Mola-Mola amplifiers, read about it here.

Winter 2013 – Marshall Nack of Positive Feedback made a visit, read about it here.

Summer of 2014 AV Showrooms’ Peter Breuninger came in for a company tour, view the views here.

November 2014 – Clement Perry of Stereo Times came in for a another listen, read about it here.

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